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By Philip A. Argote S.

About the electoral code reforms, there are some elements that appear to be the hinge between the problem and the solution, yet they are past the surface, sometimes I think that with the unhealthy interest of avoiding the heart of the problem so that everything remains the same.

Common to hear the complaint in the public that the electoral system trauma centers on the so-called patronage of political parties. That candidates for various elected positions is Increasingly promoted as a product, not offer alternatives or say any nonsense with such promise to win over voters, or simply are sold with the argument that will "fix" you. In my view, what really happens is that our society already Accustomed to double standards, harshly punishes fomalmente at least to the candidate who is accused of buying votes with cash. Vote buying in cash is very unpopular and morally sanctioned by society, but that same feeling if we do not see that buying votes is given in kind. If congressional candidate on television handing out chicken and toys in the Chorrillo or if the other candidates split the building's hams Libet is not only frowned upon but Punisher is not even as an illegal act. What difference could it if the vote is bought in cash or pay in kind? None. I personally believe that unless a crime is clearly established electoral sympathies purchasing through any type of payment is the food bags, zinc, blocks or any kind thr product in society as at present, will see the elections as a commercial transaction. Previously, voters were fooled so many times with the promise of a bridge where there was no river that finally DECIDED people on prostitution by charging prepayment. In this case no longer expect much of the Lawmaker, more or representative Because it was paid in advance.

I remember in the 1994 elections when a Substantial flow of low and middle class saw in the new alternative Ruben Blades against the old politicians on the one hand and those who breastfed the dictatorship on the other, I decided not to vote for the proposal Because in the final campaign, waiting for an assessment of the situation brainy and a serious proposal, equidistant from the old politicians who wanted to become a colony and those that Halper militarism, I found that the musical genius decided, as his own words, do what I did best: sing. It seemed an aberration than a presidential candidate would win converts among a party. Today, all closures of the campaign use the party as the axis and the speech is incidental. Politicians say anything that sounds nice right now Because what matters are the proposals, but who "fix" or relying on the premise that the Panamanians have short-term memory. What explains that after his death Guillermo Endara wants to be elevated to the top figure in Panamanian politics, the best president ever, the true father of our country? If that were true, and it is not ... How come none of these politicians who blew themselves up in speeches during his Spech barricade, supported him in the last election, to the point that his party disappeared Because it did not fill the minimum quota of votes. It seemed ridiculous honestly see the "pictures" of the Panamanian walking arm in arm as they sang the anthem of communal action, when Endara had more than a decade of having given up that party. As ridiculous as it turns out that the couple intends to change decades nortamerican calling the Balboa Avenue to transform itself to Guillermo Endara strip. I happened to be corruption Avenue Balboa Avenue to be ... as the new Minister of Public Works, the symbol of Panama City? How did being called by all the politicians in government today corruption strip and now they want to call Guillermo Endara Galimani strip. Would not surprise me that they removed the statue of Balboa Avenue that bears his name until today. Endara himself at his time already removed the statue of Magpie at the park of its name and sent it to Veraguas to put in his place the General Francisco Morazán statue. What statue would be in that place? Endara could be sitting next to Roosevelt as dreams Mayin Correa, to round the circle.

The alleged short-term memory of the Panamanian society is what explains why the Ministry of Finance directly allocate not less than $ 2.5 million to private consultants McKinsey to carry out the economic plan for the five years 2009-2014. Maybe not a year of campaigning were vehemently arguing that their candidate did not know how the economy works? Therefore I was the one to have the answers to Sustain Economic Growth, Reducing unemployment, Curbing inflation by lowering the overall price of the food basket by 30%, putting a line passing through the tough crime and solving the transportation problem. It now appears that after convincing 60% of the electorate that he had a foolproof business plan, take our tax money to pay a foreign company to explore and produce an economic plan Because there was no such plan.

In short, Undermined the electoral system of patronage, if not buying votes, leads to these results. Those powders bring us this sludge.

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