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By: Felipe Argote
Photos: Felipe Argote

I remember in my high school days when I regularly being accused of playing basketball in class time, I DEFEND myself saying that it was not me who had been seen. That was my bizarre twin. Those were the days of comics In which the character of Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, Superman visited a planet where everything was upside down. The good guys were bad guys and the bad kind. Everything was upside down.

National holidays coming, a good timefor the media to criticize, Suppress, denigrate and insult children and adolescents. We'll see as critics of the way they dress, walk, talk, dance. They will peek into the crowd to some girl with her skirt too short to make it as an example. Seek, a teenage thug and will ask who was our first president. It is alreadypublished the long list of Prohibitions during the parade by the Ministry of Education. In Columbus,banned the use of sunglasses. I am sure they willalso prohibit the use of blocker for students to guarantee they not only have severe damage to the eyes but also suffer from skin cancer as punishment for wanting to be in the parades after months of practice.

Last Sunday I attended the contest ofmusic bands that drives the national lottery. It was developed in the worst possible conditions as the Authorities on his desk occupied one quarter of the available space. The remaining observers, parents, schoolmates that cheered her performance and public were interested in music huddled together in the space left elbow against elbow. Parents were scurrying through the crowd to photograph their children while the security guard reprimanded for passing the yellow line. In these circumstances few could appreciate the presentation of the bands. I know that these competitions in other countries is made in stages for the benefit of all present. There was not a half ny. There was no channel 2, 4 or13. The goverment's public cHannelwas not even,perhaps that it is supposed thats why they exist withour taxes. As the bands were of musicnot gangs and students showed their skills very good music that was not news. Moreover not even been mentioned in any news after the event.

Regardless of the conditions for the organizers were quite normal, I had the opportunity to see amid the pushing, bands of The Professional School Isabel Herrera Obaldia, Episcopal San Cristobal Institute and thel Fermin NAUDEAU Institute. I was impressed. I had no suspicion that the colleges along with its already well-known skill in war bands also have it in the music. All bands played at least three songs: a martial, another typical and the thir a popular song. I was touched by the originality of the Professional school and the good level of musicians and music girls, the Fermin NAUDEAU presented a very beautiful allegory with an impressive trumpeter. Episcopal San Cristobalpresented a classical interpretation seemed like a symphony orchestra without violins. It is unfortunate that conditions were not conducive to seeing the other schools. I know that the Episcopal won first place, Fermin NAUDEAU the second and third America Institute, but I have searched without success results in the other categories but I have not found in newspapers

This contest proves that I am not wrong. Most young people have great skills and are willing to exploit them and show them.

These contests raise self-esteem of young people and Therefore away from crime and vice. But as I said, this is not news. If any of these young people rather than presenting a musical instrument was presented with a gun all TV channels would be there for sureand the "analysts" such sympathetic characters who are in all television and radio programs all reviews (sometimes simultaneously), as experts taking aboutabsolutely all subjects of economics, law, sociology, health, transport, housing, you mention one, would be outraged, insisting on how bad it is our youth and that we must increase curfew and not repress them with firm hands, but with strongly firm hand. The same half responsible for twisting the reality, that only have programs for all types of violence and perversion, no matter the time of day or night, are the harshest critics of the young guys.

These same broadcasters sit with the moral stature to throw the first stone and call for the repression of all young people. Then presented to convey the parade and we will listen again: her comes the Professional Isabel Herrera Obaldia instead of Professional Isabel Herrera Obaldia they willagain pronounce the Richard Newman as Richard nium instead of Richard Noiman, they will talk about about the fOURTH of July Avenue instead of the Avenue of the Martyrs. But his moral willreturn intact to criticize young people. But what shall we do? This is a country on the Bizarre planet .

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