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By: Felipe Argote
Photos: Felipe Argote

Those who think that history is written only by the majority, are in my view, wrong. I do not want to be misunderstood. It is true that to develop great historical changes it requires the consensus of large segments of the population to embrace the cause. But of those, some would take more passion and be integrated in body and soul, others only indirectly support, a large number will be added only by their applause and cheers. And of course conservatives will want to keep things as they are and the minions willing to give their lives to defend the welfare of the masters. Those are the scabs.

Undoubtedly one of the movements that defined the direction of the path of humanity in a historical moment was the French Revolution. The Impoverished masses of the suburbs came to claim his place in history. In their sweeping decision broke with centuries of alienation and indoctrination and nothing less than the guillotine, then, to those considered as Representatives of God on earth. Guillotined King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, and eliminated the great privileges of the Catholic Church Which has become the largest landowner who charged for their account and under an assumed divine authority, high taxesto all citizens.

Only 500 volunteerscommander by Francois H. H. Mireur. They came to defend the revolution, the principles of equality, freedom and brotherhood threatened by Prussia and Austria who had just signed a military agreement to defeat the revolution and return to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, sister of the king of Austria, against the Will of the Democratic Assembly meeting in Paris, Which discussed the future of the Republic of France. At this assembly the sections of the nobility who Defended the restoration of the monarchy sat on the right, while the Jacobins, more prone to elimination of monarchy sat on the left. This generated the term used even right to the most conservative and leftist to revolutionaries.

On 30 July 1972 the volunteers who walked from Marseilles to defend the revolution, entered Paris singing what until then was called "War Song for the Army of the Rhine," composed by Captain Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle. But between the cheering, the people of Paris called it: The Marseillaise. From that time until the date, it became the anthem of the Republic of France.

Marseille was born as MassiliaA settlement of Phocaeans sailors, who became city-state 600 years before Christ. Even the Roman aqueducts are preserved after 2,000 years. Most of the people are catholic.Christianity is seems to beintroduced by Mary Magdalene, the companion to some of Jesus and Lazarus of Bethany, the same that was returned from the jaws of death. This city survived to the Black Death of 1347 that killed 90,000 people alone in Marseille. It was the cradle of French reinacense. Almost destroyed during the Second World War, now stands as the quiet waters of the Mediterranean who caress her feet whilepeople gather by the thousands in the many outdoor bars unpronounceable name of eating meals and drinking the excellent wine Which was introduced inthe fourth century before Christ, and Greenwich grantme you famous in France and the world.

The nights in Marseille gand the impression that it has always been this quiet, but a cursory review of history reveals otherwise. While this beautiful southern French city walks along the Mediterranean coast with his tousled hair blowing in the wind.

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