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By Felipe Argote

The human species is worthy of analysis. People are willing to believe without objection, following the writings of Genesis, that after a universal flood, the survivors gathered at a place called Babel, decided to build a tower to reach heaven, and God in order to avoid interfering in his home, confused their languages generating different languages. On the other hand it is difficult for people to accept that human civilization was able to do so impressive monuments like the pyramids of Egypt. The Tower of Babel in Babylon according to ancient texts “Esagil” as preserved in the Louvre museum, prove that the tower had a height of ninety feet.

So hard to believe that the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids that many say were built by extraterrestrials alliens. That's why 85 percent of the population is religious, because it is easier to accept that something is the result of divine or magic instead of stand to analyze the complex processes that lead to a logical outcome.

As in ancient Greece was just beginning the foundation of city of Troy destroyed many years after by Achaeans of Agamemnon and his armies in 1200 BC, in Egypt, however, had already built the three great pyramids of Egypt including the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx. After years of archaeological studies already are said with certainty that these colossal monuments erected at a time when the rest of the planet was back thousands of years, were not the product of divine creation or by alien. They were the result of a civilization that gradually matured engineering needed to construct these pyramids. The higher the pyramid of Cheops measures 136 meters today. The logistics of moving, lifting stones and all that is now known not only show that the builders were human but at the time of its opening were far more spectacular than now.

Of the seven wonders of the world listed in a poem Antipastro of Sidon in 125 B.C. only the pyramids remain, as neither the Colossus of Rhodes or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, or the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, nor the mausoleum of Halicaranso have survived the weather, or the stupidity of human wars.

The Cheops pyramid, called the Great Pyramid was built by Pharaoh Khufu, or Cheops around XXVI century B.C. He had an original height of 146.61 meters, something like a fifty-floors building. Originally it was covered by blocks of polished white limestone and topped by a gold tip. You should only imagine how awesome would this monumental building of white stone bright with the desert sun and even more with gold in its tip. Fascinating. All the limestone cladding was many years later dismantled block by block for construction. Particularly devastating were the Ottoman invaders who took the limestone to build the mosque of Hassan.

Then there is the pyramid of Chephren, built in the same period as that of Cheops and the Great Sphinx then that is believed to represent the face of the pharaoh Chephren with lion body. It conceptualizes that the destruction of his nose was the result of the government of the Mamelukes, a Turkish slave order that seize not only Egypt but who defeated the French king Louis IX in the seventh crusade. We know that theft of the false beard of the Great Sphinx of Pharaoh is owed for sure to the English invaders. This is because it is exhibited in the Museum of London. Originally the statue was colorful.

The construction of the pyramids did not happen by spontaneous generation. This is demonstrated by the large number of failed pyramids scattered throughout Egypt, until the construction of the Step Pyramid, according to Manetho, an Egyptian who wrote in Greek in the third century BC responsible for the stratification of Egyptian history into dynasties, states that this first pyramid was built by Imhotep, the first architect in history. He was responsible for the first prototype of the pyramid to build the tomb for Pharaoh Zoser in 1250 BC.

We see that not only the Egyptian structures were human but the effort was not started in the field of architecture but of the economy. Centuries of economic development based first on understanding the benefit of sediment of Nile growth, serving to establish the periods of planting and harvesting. Then they build the canals of the Nile. Abundant production is what makes efforts to move towards a superior organization and accumulation of food allowed to devote part of society to build monuments. Also do not forget the embalming of mummies still preserved nowadays, another geniality of Egyptian civilization. Similarly the thousands of statues and other monuments they build. There are therefore no aliens anywhere in the process.

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