domingo, 31 de enero de 2010


Ana Matilde Gomez: The Indictment

By: Felipe Argote

This area of analysis and theorizing opinion can not be a mere spectator when is in danger democratic stability. I remember when I was a young child the confrontation between Max del Valle and Marco Aurelio Robles. They walk by in the streets outside the legislative palace in the chest wearing a tricolor ribbon that they said credited as the presidents of the Republic. One recognized by the National Guard and the other by an assembly of deputies from which a couple of political parties of the ruling coalition defected to the opposition and deposed the president to put the vice president. The Panamanian citizenship, with its Caribbean soul that always gets from his misfortune a piece of jocularity, saw in the street a third president. He was the popular Chaflán, a urban clown always with his young buddy, the child Roberto Duran who after many years would be the word champion “Mano de Piedra Durán”, developing comedy acts in the middle of the streets. Their jokes and dancing occurrences were paid by the people with a lot of applause and a few coins. Well at that time Chaflán also walked with a tricolor ribbon in the chest in the tumult of the troubled city, and the crowd roared with laughter.

Forty years since presidential crisis and the political class has learned nothing. Now the president puts his chips on the Supreme Court against the grain of the views of civil society. Then he used them to separate the nation's Attorney General, Ana Matilde Gomez. But what were the reasons claimed by them to separate the general attorney of the nation?

Well. In 2005 a man named Miguel Zambrano resident of La Chorrera, asked Archimedes Saez, the district attorney, not to move his daughter from prison of Chorrera to the women's prison in the city, since she had a newborn daughter. The prosecutor requested and obtained from Zambrano $600 for the favor. He then asked for two thousand U.S. dollars in exchange for get her freedom. Mr. Zambrano in a very brave filed a complaint against the prosecutor Sáez.

Attorney Luis Martinez, who received the complaint, communicated Zambrano with the intermediary of Saez and puts the speaker on his phone. This mechanism then confirmed that the prosecutor Sáez asked for the two thousand. Then it is mounted a cover operation with marked bills and proved that the attorney actually received the money.

Sáez subsequently caught in fragrant with the marked money charged The General Attorney Ana Matilde because he said they intervene illegally his phone conversation. This complaint is what the Supreme Court use as a reason to dismiss the Attorney General's Ana Matilde Gómez.

We could say that this is a clear message that no one dares to pursue the corrupt because you can afford very expensive damages, but this is more serious. It is obvious that the reason for the dismissal of Matilde Gomez is farfetched and that the new judges have acted with unusual speed, it shows that the objective is to control all institutions of the state at any price, with independence of public opinion and disrespect for the intelligence of the citizens.

The separation was decided on Thursday, while Martinelli and his vice president to whom the former Varella not left her side, perhaps because he already knows the story of Max Del Valle and Marcos Robles, were both on travel. Although both are out of the country, a statement released by the Cabinet Council appointed Giuseppe Bonissi as new General Attorney. Or they knew the outcome of the decision of the court before the judges voted or the Cabinet Council meets on a virtual zone or as someone said by blackberry.

Today, the country wakes up with three General Attorneys: Ana Matilde Gomez, Giuseppe Bonissi and Luis Martinez, appointed as deputy attorney by Ana Matilde Gomez.

Too bad Chaflán is not with us anymore; although the situation is so serious that it might not even lead to such occurrences I will say… chaflanescus.

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