domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009


By: Felipe Argote

David Ruiz Anel Vega, Panamanian teenager, is not at not the news. Not carrying a gun, not belonging to a gang, not a stealear, not a killer, he is not at the news. I searched her photo on the Web sites of newspapers, Panama America, La Estrella, TVN and Canal 13 maybe walking the Panamanian flag on November 3. I look for his picture in Chile, receiving the gold medal. I didn’t find anything, because David Ruiz Anel Vega is not at the news.

This student of Colegio San Agustin just won a gold medal in the Ibero American physics Olympics Games this year took place in Santiago de Chile. If David Ruiz Anel Vega had been caught by police in a raid, all television channels played the news had been trying to take the face of the juvenile while the unfortunate try to cover his face with his arm in handcuffs. If he had done a stripe in school bus, they had been passed through all the TV channels and newspapers to show the "concern" of the media about the so misguided that today's youth. But as Anel is a good example, not only for youth but for the whole country, Anel David Ruiz is then not at news. It is good that the government has designated Anel to walk the flag on November 3, that a shame that any media put his photo with the news, not even mention it. Neither he, nor the other winners, because Anel was not a single awarded in Chile, the Pan American Institute student Leonel Iturralde and Pablo Medina from the Colegio Javier won honorable mention.

After much digging in the net I found a picture on the LIVE section of La Prensa newspaper, usually devoted to diet and exercise. I found a review of journalist's Morale Tamara August 10 referring to the Panamanian Olympic winners in physics. Pictured from left to right is to Anel Ruiz, second Llilly Pau of the Saint George and Pablo Medina. Leonel Iturralde not appear because he was in the Olympics chemistry Central Guatemala. The rest of the information I got from the site of the Olympics Iberoamerican Physics in chile:

That's because in our country, Panama, these young people deserve the highest standing applause, not news for the media where news is the lewd, degeneration, and the rating based on the most base instincts.

Anyway, since this limited public space congratulate Anel personal opinion and his family for this great achievement. A Pablo Medina, and his family, Leonel and his family Iturralde Lilly Pau and his family. Are you an example for the country and a genuine representatives of the youth that opens up on life despite the degenerates who are the media that hounded daily against the Panamanian youth.

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  1. Judith te envi un mensaje.

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    "I read your last blog not everything, but about the Indians, You know that the American Indians in this country don't pay taxes and I believe it's a good thing for them, a lot of the Americans don't like the idea, but that their problem, and whatever income they make is shared with their tribe. about the youth: the good things that they do is never printed by the media that seems to be happening in this country as well. I think negative sells. (how sad). Will talk to you soon. Keep writting I love all the info."