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By: Felipe Argote

I was at first annoyed by the lies and exaggeration that Steve Alten used to justify the supposed prophecy of the Popol Vuh, the so called sacred book of the Mayas where supposedly prophesy the end of the world in December 2012 through cataclysms.

Then I opted for a provision to read just for what it is: a book of science fiction. Maya really is a language, not an adjective. The Spanish aliens decided to put the title of Maya to all those who spoke that language when they arrived to our continent lived in what is now Guatemala, part of southern Mexico and Honduras.

The Popol Vuh, the so called sacred book of the Mayas is also an invention. The book was written by a Catholic priest named Fray Francisco Ximenez in the seventeenth century, as he translated the so-called "book of the community” received from the Quiche Maya who had saved for many years. Thus the book contains some references, as well includes some contributions of the Spanish priest who makes the book in some parts like the Bible

In any case , viewed from the perspective of a science fiction novel "The Testament Maya" is very entertaining and original, is worthy of a Hollywood movie. It always seems much more imaginative version of Roland Emerich in the movie "2012, We Were Warned . "

All the movie version has to develop the argument is called the Mayan calendar long count. Alten however, develops an interesting argument from a couple of archaeologists, Julius Gabriel and Mary who are step by step discovering a series of clues that lead them to conclude that indeed the world is in danger of extermination and that their child is nothing less than Hun-Hunahpu, who according to Mayan mythology was the god of fertility and the ball game.

The son of Julius and Mary, with an IQ of 160 is held paranoid schizophrenic and confined in a sanatorium like a maximum security prison. A youg girl student psychiatrist falls in love with him and helps him escape so that, contrary to what she believed in, saves the world from apocalypse. On the way Mick, which is the name of the reincarnation of Hun-Hunahpu, makes love with her so Dominique became pregnant, who gave birth to the twin gods Xbalanque and Hunahpú.

The interesting copious 586 page book is that the author develops interesting elements such as the origin of life on the planet, taking in fact the theory of Russian Alexander Oparin, the writer of the famous book "The Origin of Life" and also takes elements from the very famous book by Stephen Hawking "From Big Bang to Big Crunch"

Of course that in Maya mythology, which is inherited from the Toltecs, including Kukuxklán, the feathered serpent, which is the same God Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs, does not appear anywhere the cataclysm, the end of the world, nor the trial end that appears in the Bible of the Jewish religion. Therefore, to read "The Mayan Testment" should be seen only as a historical book, a science fiction novel.

Steve Allen
Written in 2000, Steve Alten's novel predicts the first black president of the United States in 2012 would be from the Republican Party, after being vice president occupies the top position after the suicide of the president, in the midst of international crisis nuclear missiles

From this perspective I recommend "The Mayan Testament" by Steve Allen, for being an entertaining read, interesting, and imaginative.

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