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In 1962, twin boys decide to steal the moon. There he begins an adventure that became the most-watched children's film in Poland, directed by Jan Batory. But this adventure of identical twins does not end there. In real life Lech and Baroslaw Kaczynski, who starred in the film, would have much time to keep the attention of the Polish public.

In 1980 exploits the strike in the Gdansk shipyards. In this and other strikes comes the Solidarity trade union led by an electrician who did not work in the yard. This is Lech Walesa, who climbed the fence at the time the Lenin shipyard strikers had seized the company and became its leader. This is the beginning of a popular uprising that faced the Communist Party government which ruled for the best interests of the Soviet Union. Most of the people did not accept the situation of Russian semi-colony. It is at this moment that reappear Baroslaw and Lech Kaczynski twins. Lech, who had just graduated as a lawyer was appointed consultant of the strike committee, a coordination of strikers led the Solidarity trade union and eventually served for the creation of party solidarity. The Solidarity Party leaded by Lech Walesa was a popular right-wing organization supported by the Polish Catholic church at that time and had the support of Karol Jozef Wojtyla, who was appointed Pope John Paul II in 1978.

But Kaczynski twins were more so to the right and participate in the formation of the Solidarity Party-Civic Alliance of Right, a right coalition of conservative Catholics, including the most right wing of trade union Solidarity. Then he founded the Law and Justice party with which far-right election win in 2005. Lech Kaczynski was elected president and then appointed his twin brother as prime minister. Two years later the government loses the early elections called after a corruption scandal in the ministry of agriculture. But according to the electoral polish system, Lech Kaczynski still holds the post of president until new elections.

The story of the twins, as if it were a movie, is rocked by the death of Lech Kaczynski in a plane crash which also killed his wife, Maria Kaczyńska, Polish military leaders such as Chief of Staff and commanders heads of the Army, Sea, Air and Special Forces, Central Bank Governor, the Ombudsman, several deputy ministers, members of Parliament, a delegation from the Government, its political cabinet and prelates of the Catholic Church. They were to commemorate the seventy years of the slaughter of Katyn, a mass execution which is estimated at 22,000 people ordered by Joseph Stalin in 1940. The commemoration of the slaughter mobilized the entire elite of the regime in a time due to court far-right Polish government intended to do much more visible the tyranny of the Soviet Communist Party government that the massacres of the Nazis in World War II.

Contrary to what one might think Lech was not the dominant twin but his brother who is still alive Baroslaw who was not at the plane because he stayed with his mother aged 84, who was seriously ill in hospital. When Lech won the elections on the microphone said, addressing his brother: "mission accomplished chief" According to Professor Witold Malinowski, a specialist of the Pomeranian Academy of Medicine "The death of one twin for which is still alive is a huge trauma, emotional shock much stronger than can cause the death of a twin brother or sister, "according to AFP," The twin live it as an amputation.” "We must not forget that the twins were one being at the embryonic stage, before splitting into two separate beings,"

Definitely the ones who stole the moon have been and remain key players in the history of this country that gave birth 200 years ago to Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin.

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