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By: Felipe Argote

After being signed and published in Official Gazette No. 26,489-A, on Monday, 15 March 2010, the new tax reform structured by the American firm McKinsey and Co. and driven tenaciously by the current Minister of Economy and Finance Alberto Vallarino, became Project 119, Act 8 . Resorting to the old system of our political class, discussion was held to light speed by avoiding the affected sectors and especially those whose traditional method say it is the street protests had any effect. Although the project was ready since December, was not published until late February and in less than two weeks, it was signed and published in the official gazette. This for the protests to be “kicks of drowning.”

In this post some sectors with advantages, others left with some superficial wounds and someone must pay the additional 200 million as the government admits its coffers will be affected in positive numbers.


The big winners are the companies that were mostly disappear Alternative Calculation Income Tax (CAIR). Additionally, the law cut taxes from 2010 to 27.5% of income and 25% in 2011.

The fast food franchises also came out winning because unlike restaurants that sell alcoholic drinks to accompany meals, not pay taxes ITBMS

Employees who earn between $730 and $ 846 bill as it now entered the ranks of exempt from tax.
Employees and individuals who earn wages above the B/1000.00 will see their payments reduced income tax from a little over 76% to who earns less than 900.00 a month to just higher than 20% income top those who receives 9.000 dollars per month. For example an employee or individual who earned $1,000 dollars will pay B/427.50 on income tax. Before, he paid B/727.50. Someone who earns a monthly salary of $ 3,000 will pay nearly $ 3,000 less income tax.

Who loses?

At banks and exchange houses are turned up the tax but then he dropped a little in the discussion of the assembled deputies.

The boat owners have to pay new taxes ranging from $ 24 to $ 240 annually depending on the meters having his boat. 5.00 In addition to a navigation license obliged to carry on board all yachts, boats and motor boats for private use.

Legal persons having taxable income exceeding one million five hundred thousand dollars they will take the CAIR.

The unemployed, housewives, the self-employed, workers and all types of employees who earn less than they were already B/730.77 in the range that did not pay income tax but now will see an increase in tax paid transfer of movable property (ITBMS) by around 40%. Every time you buy an item such as clothing, shoes, toilet paper, toothbrush and so on have to pay more tax than you did before consumption. The government argues that this will be overcome by the universal fellowship which will benefit those with children. Besides this social group will pay an additional tax on the purchase of prepaid phone card is the most popular means of communication among low-income sectors.

The Indians, who have to pay airfare to exit their region,

Ther retirees could recover 30% of ITBMS payments as reimbursement to an annual amount of $ 50.

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