martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009


By Felipe Argote
Photo Daja Editions

Nothing binds to public opinion as when state persecutes children and teenagers as responsable of all the ills of society. Although less than 10% of crimes are committed by minors the state, with the blessing of the whole society, has decided to take most of their resources to go after children and young people through the touch of remains.Interestingly, the same sectors that makes no less than a year, when he wanted to discuss sexual health law, defend child labor, because he felt it was good because it taught them the value of work today are the strongest advocates of curfew. These children having jobs as packers in supermarkets, according to them, kept his family and studied, today strongly defended the curfew. How do they want to these children to work if the police takes them? The supermarket owners were not going to get a card for them simply because they dont have them in the payroll.
Sooner or later it has been shown not only that the measure of a curfew for children has not lowered the crime but that only applies in the tough neighborhoods and at the discretion of police officers. The crime rate can not fall if the scarce resources of the police rather than engage in prosecuting wrongdoers is used to collect the children who stay playing during the school holidays after 9:00 at night. Or the patrol car can not go on persecution of thieves because it is busy carrying to jail the couple of teenagers who lingered in the cinema watching a movie or walking in the coastal strip.The media and especially television have promoted the idea vigorously pursue children and teens to stop crime, drug trafficking and terrorism. Many contradictory witness the great show that turned the program and move it, channel 2 fabulous idea which I think has done an immeasurable contribution to reducing juvenile delinquency, by raising self-esteem of teenagers, recently demonized as being responsible for all the ills of society. The contradiction is that the same channel that promotes the curfew develops and promotes good show this grouping of students in their schools until 11:00 at night to watch the grand final. The obvious question is whether the governor was given a special pass to move it to distribute among children and adolescents by thousands packed the Balboa Theater, the American Institute (winners and winning second place), the Colegio San Judas Tadeo (champions and champions undisputed contest) and the dedicated and hard-working sentimental favorite bookmarks and Bilingual College Academy. Otherwise, and certainly was not, the police patrol must have been waiting outside of these sites by dozens, ready to pick up the children and young lawbreakers. Common sense leads us to conclude that there had not been fair, because they were enjoying a healthy activity and good for their training but we know that because we where following the contest. How many of these, more than 500 children and adolescents according to the police chief were collected during the period of the curfew also came from a healthy activity but was not televised nor had the the rating of the dancing contest?The police chief, after a question from a television reporter asking him if during the weekend curfew was later said no, that was equal to 9:00 at night, but that was more flexible weekends. I read the decree of the curfew and nowhere is talk that would apply at the discretion of the police. I find it curious to know where is this flexibility. It depends on your physical appearance? If the youth is black or white? How are they dressed? Maybe if answering a question of the officer in charge of the operation of: Where are you from? the teenager answer is: I come from the house of my sick grandmother ... then move on. Or if the answer is: I come from trafficking cocaine, from burgling, from doing a job as hitman and execute a terrorist act, then ... To jail!

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